About Caremoli

Caremoli Group is a leader in all natural ingredient manufacturing, with over 100 years of experience in the food industry. Learn more about Caremoli by choosing a section below.

Company Profile

Caremoli is an independent, family-owned company that manufactures all natural ingredients for food producers worldwide.


See more details about Caremoli Group history. From a family company distributing food ingredients locally, to an international group with operations in 3 continents and serving the food industry worldwide. 

Focus on Quality

Caremoli is fully focused on quality control and quality assurance, from field to finished product.


Caremoli offers a wide variety of trademarked products under the Caremoli brand name.

Locations & Facilities

Caremoli Group operates production facilities and sales offices at locations worldwide, including Italy, the United States, Germany and India.

Distributor Relationships

Caremoli distributes high quality ingredients on behalf of other international manufacturers. In some cases, Caremoli acts as sole distributor of these products in specified geographies.