CareBarley™ SuperFlour

CareBarley™ SuperFlour is a high fiber flour made from stabilized, whole grain, waxy hulless barley. CareBarley SuperFlour features improved nutritional, sensory and physical properties and is used in bakery products, snacks, cereals and pastas.

Caremoli’s unique thermo-physical processing technology is used to cook the barley grains and then lightly roast them to a rich tan color. The grain is milled on our high speed micronizing mill to produce a flour of exceptional quality with unique properties and benefits:

Unique Properties

  • High total dietary fiber content, 30% minimum
  • High β-glucan soluble fiber content, 12% minimum
  • Low total moisture content and water activity
  • Inactivated enzymes and reduced plate count
  • Extended shelf life (up to 12 months)
  • Bright, stable color
  • Appealing taste


  • Enhance the total fiber content in your products
  • Provides documented health benefits
  • Accurate mesh size and flour density
  • Improved ingredient and finished product stability
  • Improved inventory management and better finished product quality
  • No loss of flavor during Caremoli processing
  • High level of technical support from Caremoli scientists

Caremoli uses no chemicals during processing, so the products are all natural. Use of E-numbers is not required. Label declaration is barley.