CareCream™ is a line of savory anhydrous flavor pastes. During the production of CareCream products, flavors and colors become encapsulated in the fat-based matrix, resulting in intensified sensory characteristics and improved stability in finished goods.

Caremoli’s flavor pastes were created to improve the taste, flavor and appearance of a wide variety of foods. Unique properties include:

Unique Properties

  • Shelf stable up to 12 months (ambient)
  • Moisture content less than 3%, aW > 0.3
  • Bright colors and intense flavors
  • Flavor and color retained during heating
  • Smooth consistency
  • Fat replacement


  • Improved inventory management and better finished product quality
  • Improved ingredient and finished product stability
  • Low dosage for maximum effect    
  • Lasting sensory characteristics
  • Creamy mouthfeel, easy dosing and rapid incorporation during processing
  • Provides texture and functionality of fat in some applications

Core Portfolio

  • CareCream™ Basil
  • CareCream™ Cheddar
  • CareCream™ Mushroom
  • CareCream™ Parmesan
  • CareCream™ Pizzaiola
  • CareCream™ Tomato