CareFiber™ is a line of high purity vegetable fibers. These fibers are produced in the EU and USA under exclusive contract according to high quality standards.

CareFiber products are versatile, and can be used for structural, functional and nutritional purposes in a wide range of processed foods. Unique properties include:

Unique Properties

  • High purity, defined fiber lengths
  • Pure sources of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber
  • High water and oil absorption/binding capabilities
  • High water and oil retention capabilities
  • Light color, neutral taste
  • Gluten free, GMO free


  • Provides maximum functionality
  • Easy dosing for fiber enrichment and caloric reduction in finished goods
  • Improved finished product structure
  • Prevents syneresis and oiling-out
  • Desirable sensory characteristics
  • Use readily in most applications and according to regulatory guidelines

Core Portfolio

  • Wheat fiber
  • Oat fiber
  • Pea fiber
  • Bamboo fiber
  • Apple fiber
  • Acacia fiber

Available in a variety of fiber lengths.