CarePsyllium™ is a line of high purity psyllium husk fiber produced in Caremoli’s state-of-the-art facility in Jodhpur, India. Caremoli purchases raw material from a contracted, secure and consistent local supply.

Psyllium is known for its unique fiber composition of one-third insoluble and two-thirds soluble fractions, making it a versatile fiber source known for its functionality and nutritional properties.

CarePsyllium stands out from other psyllium sources on the market because it has been steam treated and carefully milled in our specialized milling and sieving system. CarePsyllium has the following unique properties and benefits:

Unique Properties

  • Steam treated
  • Very low black speck count
  • Temperature and pH stable
  • High swelling power
  • GMO free


  • Controlled microbial reduction, high water binding capability of 1:40
  • Milling and sieving process gives a light, neutral color for appealing appearance
  • Functionality is not lost during processing and storage of finished food goods
  • Provides excellent structure, especially in gluten free applications
  • Use readily in most applications and according to regulatory guidelines

Core Portfolio

  • 99% purity, available in 40 and 100 mesh
  • 98% purity, available in 40 and 100 mesh
  • 95% purity, available in 40 and 100 mesh