CareRice™ is Caremoli’s line of all-natural, gluten free rice flours. The high quality flours are stabilized using Caremoli’s proprietary thermo-physical processing technology. Some products in the portfolio are further processed to yield pregelatinized flours.

Products are made in our certified gluten free facility in Italy. Unique properties of CareRice include:

Unique Properties

  • Water binding capacity up to 10:1 in cold water
  • Synergy with wheat fibers
  • Bright, light color and neutral taste
  • Replaces modified starches in many applications
  • Fat binding


  • Fully functional in minutes
  • Improved water binding and retention
  • Appealing sensory characteristics
  • Clean label solutions
  • Reduces fat separation in many products

Core Portfolio

  • CareRice™ GF, pregelatinized rice flour
  • CareRice™ CF, cooked and stabilized rice flour
  • CareRice™ HV, high viscosity pregelatinized rice flour
  • CareRice™ BCF, cooked and stabilized brown rice flour