Because of increased consumer acceptance and demand, whole grain and legume flours are being used more frequently in bakery, snack, cereal and pasta products. At Caremoli®, we focus on providing highly functional, naturally processed specialty grain and legume flours to the food industry. These ingredients are designed to enhance the texture, appearance, taste and nutritional value of your products.

Most of our flours are stabilized using our proprietary thermo-physical processing technology. CareRice™ gluten free rice flours offer a wide variety of functional capabilities, from replacing modified starches in baked goods and sauces to replacing wheat flour in gluten free pasta.

Our stabilized CareFlour™ grain and legume flours provide unique and wholesome options for your formulations, while delivering exceptional functional and nutritional benefits.

Soy flour is known for its use as a protein supplement and for its versatility in baked goods.  Caremoli offers gluten free and GMO free CareSoyFlour™, a naturally processed, low fat micronized soy flour.