Gluten Free

Increasing consumer awareness of gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity is driving greater demand for gluten free ingredients and premixes. Creating successful bakery and pasta formulations without using gluten-containing ingredients is a challenge for most companies.

At Caremoli®, we focus on providing gluten free ingredients and premixes to the food industry, ranging from rice flours to dry bakery blends. Our specialty products are made in a fully dedicated, gluten free facility to avoid any chance of contamination.

CareNoGlu™ premixes are made from carefully selected ingredients tested for optimal performance and taste in your finished goods. Caremoli makes the task of developing gluten free baked goods and pastas easy. Each ready-to-use premix is designed for specific applications, with the addition of specified ingredients, depending on the product characteristics you are targeting.

Our CareRice™ line offers a full range of gluten free rice flours, and our CareSoyFlour™ and CarePsyllium™ lines are gluten free, too.