Grains & Legumes

Consumption of grains and legumes contributes immensely to human health and wellness. Consistent intake of foods containing whole grains and legumes is known to reduce risk of serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high serum cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease.

At Caremoli®, we focus on providing the food industry with naturally processed specialty grain and legume ingredients in gritted or intact kernel formats. CareGrain™, CareGrits™ and CareSuperBarley™ ingredients are made from whole grains and legumes for maximum nutritional content.

Our proprietary thermo-physical processing technology stabilizes these ingredients, which results in kernels that are partially or completely cooked for ease of use. Using all natural Caremoli grain and legume ingredients eliminates the need for presoaking and long cooking times, and enhances your processing efficiency.

Your consumers will benefit from improved taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value of your finished products.

Caremoli provides unique options for your formulating needs by expanding your toolbox of natural grits and intact kernel ingredients.