Gluten Free Solutions

For people who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease and those who are otherwise sensitive to gluten, following a gluten free diet is a lifelong commitment. Today, gluten free diets have also become popular for other consumers, even if they are not gluten-intolerant. This global increase in gluten free diets is driving the demand for gluten free foods that taste great and eat like their gluten-containing counterparts. Creating successful formulations without gluten-containing ingredients can be a big challenge for food manufacturers.

Caremoli® is dedicated to providing you with highly functional gluten free ingredients and premixes. We believe that choosing the right gluten free starting materials is the key to product development success.

Our CareRice™ gluten free rice flours and CareNoGlu™ premixes offer a wide range of possibilities for your bakery, snacks and pasta applications. And our highly functional CareGuar™, CareSoyFlour™ and CarePsyllium™ ingredients work to build appealing texture and structure in your products. 

All of our gluten free ingredients and premixes are produced in dedicated facilities. Products are carefully tested for optimal performance and taste in your finished goods.

As you can see with the variety of markets we serve, Caremoli makes the task of developing gluten free baked goods, snacks, cereals and pastas easy.