Whole Grain Solutions

Worldwide, introductions of products with whole grain claims have been steadily increasing every year. Although the regulatory definition of whole grain can vary between countries, it is clear that whole grain acceptance has finally gone mainstream.

Caremoli® is in the perfect position to offer you unique whole grain and multigrain ingredient solutions. Our proprietary thermo-physical processing technology stabilizes these ingredients, which results in enhanced functionality, flavor, appearance and shelf life that are not found in raw grains.

Our CareGrain™, CareGrits™ and CareSuperBarley™ ingredients lend themselves perfectly for use in main meals and side dishes, baked goods, snacks and even dairy and confectionery products.

Our CareFlour™ and CareMix™ ingredients are ideal for use in baked goods, cereals, snacks and pastas.

Depending on your desired product characteristics and/or market, Caremoli® has the right whole grain or multigrain solution for you.