Our partners

Sole representative for Italy

The German company is the world leader in the production of fibers and celluloses. It offers a wide range of products derived from cereals, fruit and wood. Sustainable raw materials that can be used for different applications from pharmaceutical to food.

French company, recognized as a world leader in the production of purified acacia gum for several applications. It is also an important partner for botanicals and eco-sustainable ingredients supplied with efficacy clinical studies

Starlight Products is part of the Nexira Group and one of the highest-quality suppliers of raw Arabic gum for the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Fragrance & Perfumery industries.

Historical German manufacturer of flakes and extruded cereals with an high quality standard obtained by an innovative refining technology process that maintain the properties and the nutritional profile of the original product. Suitable for different applications.

Canadian company specialized in the production of DL malic acid and high quality fumaric acid for the whole food and beverage industry.

Italian producer company located in Sicily, (region historically recognized as one of the most important in terms of quality for carob seeds) able to offer different types of carob seed flours according to the different final applications

English company specialized in the production of breading, batters and marinating for fried and baked products. Providing knowledge, experience and customized solutions it is a reliable partner able to improve taste, texture and appearance of food formulations.

French company that offers a wide range of ingredients dedicated to decorations and inclusions for the confectionery and the ice-cream industries. Pralines, fillings and toppings.

English company that has a twenty years’ experience in the production of decorations and inclusions based on caramel, even in home-made cuts, able to give an added value of presentation in bakery products, in ice creams and confectionery, cereals and snacks.

German company leader for more than 40 years in the production of innovative ingredients dedicated to the vegetarian and vegan food industry. In particular, it proposes textured wheat proteins, different types of starches (of wheat, corn, tapioca and rice) suitable for every food application and a resistant wheat starch specific for low-carb lines.

Turkish cocoa producer, 6th worldwide, able to supply high quality products tailored to the specific needs of customers mainly in the confectionery, snacks and ice-cream sectors.

Java Biocolloid is an indonesian company specialized in the production of red seaweed extracts such al Agar Agar through an innovative ecofriendly process. This hydrocolloid is used in following applications: beverage, desserts, confectionary, dressings, nutraceutical and meat industry.

Alesco s.r.l., part of PharmaNutra group and born in the 2000 as a distributor of functional ingredients, is the italian company that have engineered the Sucrosomiale® technology applied to macroelements and microelements.