Who we are

The Caremoli tradition began in 1908 in Italy with the founding of the Caremoli family confectionery business. Today, more than 100 year later, Caremoli is focused on the production and the distribution of ingredients, mixes and semi-finished products for the global markets: Food, Animal Nutrition and Dietary Supplements. Thanks to our market specialists, we are daily committed to proposing safe, performing and customized solutions characterized by high-quality standards.

Our History

Our core values

One of our strong point is the internal structure focused on interaction between people. Flexibility and reliability are the main concepts that permits us to ensure the best service to our partner, taking care of our customers’ needs and ensure a prompt and a dynamic problem-solving ability. We privilege visual contact to transmit our knowledge through experience, according to our different areas: SALES, SUPPLY CHAIN, QUALITY, INNOVATION and R&D.

Focus on quality

We responsibly work to offer safe food, obtained by sustainable sources and methods, in order to preserve and protect the people and the environment. The attention to the customer pleasure, passes through the confidence of our job. The safety of the products can be guaranteed in compliance with HACCP and procedures and in combination with an integrated security and quality system based on the accurate selection of the suppliers and the quality of the raw materials. In order to safeguard food safety, we pay more attention to the prevention of allergen contamination through accurate procedures and the reduction of the risk of foreign bodies. As further demonstration of reliability of all the active procedures realized by Caremoli, we are annually validated on our documents and factory by the Certiquality authority with the standard certification of FSSC and ISO 22000.